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3 Most Effective Ways of Building Backlinks For Your Website

Building backlinks that point to your company’s website helps improve your search engine rankings.

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For most search engines, backlinks are regarded as a “supreme ranking factor.” For instance, Google will consider the quality of backlinks your website receives when deciding your site’s search engine rankings.

If you haven’t started building backlinks, you’re missing out. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the three most effective ways to build backlinks to your contractor business’s website. Let’s get started.

Top ways to build backlinks

We’ll be taking a look at the following tactics in this blog:

  • Broken-link building method

  • Infographics

  • Guest blogging

Broken-link Building Method

We love this method. It’s one of the best ways to create one-way backlinks. Start by searching for relevant websites in either contractor or local news websites. You can do this through keywords. For instance:

  • Keywords + resources

  • Keyword + links

  • Keywords in URL: links

Once you find a related site, you can see if they have any broken or outdated links with this broken link tool from Small SEO Tools. If they do, you can contact the webmaster and report them. This will help the webmaster update their website and bring in additional traffic.

As you are doing the webmaster a favor, you may consider asking them to mention your contractor website or add a link. This is a win-win for both parties involved!


People love infographics because it provides you with a great deal of information in an engaging visual manner. This is one of the reasons we recommend our clients publish infographics.

However, while creating them, you need to make sure that you add high-quality, researched, and relevant information. Once you’ve put an infographic of this nature together, you can consider sharing it on different websites or directories – thus creating backlinks!

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to build backlinks to your company’s website. Start by looking at websites with high domain authority. Usually, news websites or local city-related websites are a great place to start. See if they support guest blogging and would allow you to submit a blog on their website.

If so, do thorough research and create a content piece that’s worth sharing. Before you even begin writing, you’ll want to look at any criteria they may have so you have a strong understanding of how you should frame the post and what information you should share. Then, submit the guest post to them.

Here are the benefits of guest posting:

  • Expansion of your personal network

  • Stimulating social media shares

  • Increase in your social media following

  • Improvement in online authority

  • Fortification of your backlink profile

  • Increase in brand awareness

  • Generating qualified leads

  • Shortening the sales cycle

  • And much more!

Final Thoughts

Building high-quality backlinks will have a major impact on your website’s search engine rankings. If you haven’t yet started focusing on building backlinks, you’re missing the opportunity to boost yourself in the search rankings and draw more traffic to your website.

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