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5 Methods For Gaining More Social Media Followers

If you’re looking for ways to attract a bigger following on social media, here are five methods you can start implementing right away.

It’s well known that gaining more social media followers can be an effective digital marketing strategy. Approximately 3.6 billion people worldwide use social media, with numbers only expected to increase to 4.4 billion in just a few years.

But it’s important to keep in mind when building your social media presence you want to attract followers who will have a genuine interest in your brand. Having a strong and authentic following has tons of benefits, including SEO for your website.

Social media is a big-time investment, so how do you make it a smart investment that will attract the right following? We have five methods you can start using right away to expand your following.

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5 Methods for Growing Your Social Media Following

1. Strong Brand Identity

It’s important that when people see what you’re posting, they will immediately identify it with your brand. Achieving a recognizable brand identity is more than pasting a logo on an image.

Every business should have a brand identity guide that outlines colors, filters, graphics, texts, tone, and images that reflect your brand and voice. You can still utilize user-generated content, which is also important, but still, have a cohesive look.

2. Follow other relevant accounts

Gaining followers is a two-way street. You can’t expect everyone to follow you without following other accounts too. Think of it like you’re networking in the social media world.

Follow other accounts that inspire you, someone you may want to partner with in the future, or someone who could be a great resource.

3. Engage with followers

The two-way street rule also applies here. If you want followers to engage with you, that means you also need to engage with them!

When someone comments, be sure to like or reply. Look for opportunities to have genuine discussions with followers. This will show followers that you really care what they think and that someone is reading what they have to say.

4. Post stuff that’s worth sharing

Part of the strategy is to gain more followers, but the second part is to get those followers to share your content. So every time you go to post something ask yourself, “Would I personally share this?” If the answer is no, then why would anyone else?

Some ideas to inspire share-worthy posts include:

  • Breaking news

  • Data/research

  • Trends

  • Memes and jokes

  • Short, engaging videos

5. Create and maintain a social schedule

Consistency is key for growing your following. Plan ahead and maintain a posting schedule. You can utilize upcoming events and holidays, and create and schedule posts in advance so you don’t have to stop doing work during the day to hit the “post” button.

6. Strategically use hashtags

Hashtags are key to helping people find your account. The more specific the hashtag is to your brand, the better it will be for attracting authentic followers.

For example, if you use #realestate your post will get lost in a sea of posts associated with that hashtag. But if you own a real estate agency, you can use #realestatechicago to still target a considerable amount of people, but more associated with your region.

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