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How to Choose Between Small Business Website Providers

There is no shortage of pushy, fly-by-night small business website providers available on the internet.

And, DIY builders such as Wix, Wordpress or Squarespace are great for small businesses who are just getting off the ground and have the technical and design know-how to do it right.

But if you are looking for a truly professional website and don't have the skills required to build a beautiful website that is technically sound and SEO optimized, it might be wise to invest in a more comprehensive small business website package.

3 Things You Need To Consider When Selecting Your Small Business Website Provider

Most of the small business website packages we find offer a lot of the same functionality – mobile optimization, SEO tools, and a vast library of photos. And those are all great features to have.

However, if you need a few more advanced features if you really want to stand out. Here are three features you absolutely need in your small business website package.

1. AMP Integration

If we want to compete with bigger companies – especially in SEO – it’s essential to have an AMP version of our mobile sites. These Accelerated Mobile Pages are an open source effort that are basically pages with a stripped-down version of HTML code which are designed to run faster than normal mobile pages.

Companies across all industries, from news outlets to online retailers, use AMP pages. They generally look the same as regular mobile sites, but with better performance and higher ranking by Google and Bing searches.

2. Live Chat Capabilities

It doesn’t matter which industry we’re in, live chat is essential. In addition to increasing customer satisfaction and trust in our brands, live chat has also proven to increase conversions by 20 percent.

Whether we want to use live chat as a virtual assistant to help in the buying process like INAP (a B2B data center services provider) or strictly as a customer service tool like Hello Fresh (a B2C meal preparation company), live chat is a great way to engage with customers and address their needs in real time.

3. Background Videos

Most small business website packages will give us access to a comprehensive library of static images and templates. But not all provide the same functionality for background videos.

This extra feature just adds a level of professionalism to our websites and is visually pleasing for the user. And the videos don’t have to be elaborate.

A perfect example would be Wistia, whose video just adds subtle movement in the background. It doesn’t distract from the site’s main messaging, but adds to the experience to make the website look crisp and fresh.

Small Business Website Packages Made Easy

All businesses are different. Our website needs may be different than yours.

That’s why it’s important to work with a website design company who can make recommendations about what’s really essential for each specific business and industry.

Because there’s nothing worse than creating a great website but missing the mark with our users.

Contact today to learn how our professionals can make sure you’re using the latest web technologies to increase your website visits and lead conversations.

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