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How to Keep the Website Design for Your Small Business Current

It’s a scenario we’ve seen countless times.

A business builds an incredible innovative website and it’s a hit with users. But over time, visits begin to drop and conversations dwindle. There’s nothing technically wrong with the site, but it’s just not performing as well as it once did.

The problem: After launching its incredible site, that small business never updated its website design.

3 Ways to Keep Your Business Website Design Fresh

Technology changes, innovations, and user trends are forcing companies to continually reevaluate which portions of their websites they need to keep updated. But while there are sections that developers should focus on updating regularly, there are also features which may not need as much attention.

Here are three ways we can keep our website design for small business fresh.

1. Continually Update Home and Product Pages

First things first, your home and product pages need to be current. We’re not saying we need to make massive changes, but these areas need to include the newest and most relevant information up top.

Remember, these areas are generally seeing the highest traffic from customers, so wouldn’t we want them to see our latest sales or product releases?

2. Monitor User Trends for Your Site Navigation

It’s essential to streamline our customers’ journeys by providing clear paths to their ultimate destinations.

The best way to achieve this is through a mixture of best practices and actually observing users through field studies. Field studies provide us with a unique view and data about how our users divide time with specific tasks, limitations that may impact completing those tasks, and an example workflow they take to reach their end destination.

It’s always good to run routine field studies of our website navigation. If things are great, then this area needs virtually no updating. But if we find our setup isn’t optimal for users, then this is an element of website design for small business that needs to be addressed.

3. Update for Mobile

This should be a given. After all, online mobile traffic increases each year, and 85 percent of users think a company’s website should look better on mobile than desktop.

Pay attention to the latest mobile technology trends (i.e., app-like performance and swiping instead of clicking) and make moderate updates to your mobile site to ensure its user-friendly.

Website Design for Small Business is Best Left to the Pros

When it comes down to it, there are a lot of areas in which we could update our websites. The trick is knowing which features are most important.

That’s where a dedicated website design company comes in.

At LeaseMyMarketing, we use data and knowledge of design trends to keep our client's websites up to date. In fact, all of our website plans come with a built-in maintenance package so you can keep your website up to date without increased costs.

Contact today to learn how our website design for small business services. Our experts will help keep your website up to date to increase your site visits and lead conversations.

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