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Local SEO Is A Must For Your Contractor Businesses

Have you ever conducted a search for contractor in your home town only to find your company wasn't listed in Google's top three?

How could that be, you've been in business longer, you're larger, you have better service, etc. So, why isn't you're company listed?

It’s time you started focusing on your Local SEO efforts.

local pest control seo

When you enhance your Local SEO, you will be able to promote your services in front of your local prospects and customers and win more business

To provide you with relevant local search results, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. rely on various signals such as social media profile pages links, local content, citations, etc.

What You Gain When You Optimize Your Local SEO

Here’s a list of reasons why Local SEO is a must for contractor businesses:

  • Attract High-Quality Traffic To Your Website

  • Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

  • Appear In Google’s 3-Pack

  • Build Links With Different Nearby Businesses

Attract High-Quality Traffic To Your Website

If you aren't focusing on Local SEO, you are already missing out on a huge amount of people looking for a contractor business. Nowadays, people prefer to perform online research prior to getting in touch with a business locally. In short, it's vital for businesses to focus on their Local SEO Efforts.

As we took a look above, what if someone searches for something like “Top contractor Businesses Near Me,” and don’t come across your business? That’d be a huge loss. Once you start focusing on your local SEO efforts, you will witness a wide range of your audience visiting your contractor website. And the thing about the local audience is that they might already be willing to buy your product or service.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

Your competitors might already be focusing on their Local SEO efforts. They might already be appearing at the top of the search engine results for local SEO keywords.

In short, they might already be a step ahead of you, if you aren’t focusing on your local SEO efforts. And what if they are able to attract a wide range of audience just because they appear at the top of the local search engine results. It doesn't matter if you provide better rates or a high-quality service to your potential customers unless you manage to appear in front of their eyes.

Hence, it’s time you got one step ahead of your competitors.

Appear In Google’s 3-Pack

Let’s search for a local SEO keyword:

“Top contractor Businesses In New York”

Here’s what I came up with:

Business listing search result

These businesses are the ones people will reach out to the most. And if you don't focus on your local SEO efforts, you won't be able to appear in Google's 3-Pack.

Build Links With Different Nearby Businesses

It's important for any business out there to focus on the competition. But the thing is, you should focus on building an alliance with nearby businesses as well.

What if a local business is looking forward to cross-promote its products as well as services? After all, it's something your prospects might absolutely love. If you don't focus on your Local SEO efforts, these businesses won't be able to find you. This might even lead to your contractor business losing a chance to collaborating with another business in your local neighborhood.

And the thing is, link building is great for your Local SEO as well. Perhaps you reach out to your local real estate firm and see if you could get your business listed on their website on their "local services" page or wherever they might list companies they trust to give a referral.

The more links you can get to your website the better. More links = more traffic.


You'll be amazed to witness the number of people heading over to your local store or getting in touch with you if you focus on your local SEO efforts. You can keep track of your progress through your website analytics or your Google My Business metrics.


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