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What Are Branded Search Ads And Why You Should Leverage Them?

When it comes to Google Ads, where you are bidding on various keywords, there are dozens (if not more) of strategies you could deploy.

However, when it comes to your keyword strategy, there are generally two primary categories of keywords. These two categories are "general/generic" and "branded".

branded paid search example for Terminix

When you invest in paid search ads, you’re typically focusing on specific keywords that pertain to your product or service. When you show up in a search result for a general keyword, this indicates to the user that you probably offer that service.

We refer to these as "general/generic".

If you've done a good job with your branding what you'll find is users will search for you by name. This is why paid "branded" search ads represent a primary keyword strategy. In the example above, you can see how Terminix uses a branded paid search strategy.

Let’s take a look at how paid brand search ads can boost your digital marketing strategy as a contractor company and why leading brands like Terminix leverage this strategy.

1. Paid Brand Search Ads Are Less Expensive

On average, brand ads are about ¼ of the cost of non-brand ads, and some are even less.

Google’s bidding structure is impacted by how compelling and relevant an individual’s search was – both to your ad and your competition’s. People often think they don’t need to buy branded ads because people who see them are searching for their company specifically.

However, some companies will purposefully pay for another brand's company name. In other cases, they show up on branded search results unintentionally (see below).

terminix brand example ad

In some cases, this helps these companies swipe leads. And even if it doesn’t result in any clicks for them, they’re still marketing their company because potential customers are seeing their company’s name right next to the brand they actually searched. Tricky, right?

Another really great reason to leverage branded ads is that roughly two-thirds of people can't tell the difference between paid and non-paid listings on Google. So adding paid brand search ads can be a solid move.

While competition will play a role in how you choose to leverage branded ads, you can protect your brand by paying the small cost for ad replacement that will result in more leads for your business. Because paid brand search ads are inexpensive, it’s often worth it to double down and invest in them to eliminate competition if you know you’re in a competitive market.

2. Paid Brand Search Ads Supplement Organic Performance

While paid and organic search are separate, having both is better than relying on either individually. If you want to boost your marketing, then paid brand search ads could be exactly what you need.

One Google study showed that, even if your organic (non-paid) position was #1, a top paid ad could lift your clicks by 50 percent. If you rank lower on the Google homepage, then the paid search only helps you more. For example, if you rank between two and four, there is an incremental lift that increases about 82 percent in clicks for organic listings. For ranks five or lower, it has been 96 percent.

The incremental advantage will vary depending on your account, but your ultimate takeaway should be that combining these two efforts will only help your brand.

3. Paid Brand Search Ads Can Provide An Experience Not Available With Organic Ads

Paid brand search ads can improve the experience and increase conversions. You, again, may wonder why strong brands choose to bid on their own brand terms, yet it’s been a tried and true tactic even for a top company with name recognition. For example, Bed, Bath & Beyond regularly runs paid brand search ads to enhance their customer’s experience.

This type of ad also allows you to add features that will make your ad more effective. Some ways to enhance your campaign include:

  • Location extensions: If you're having trouble getting into the Local 3-Pack, a location extension could be extremely valuable.

  • Sitelink extensions: This feature directs searchers to pages deeper within your website. One great use of a sitelink extension is a promo page. These change frequently and highlight important products or category pages that your brand may have.

  • Callout extensions: This feature shows customers your offerings and differentiators. By including this, your customers can call directly from the search results or utilize the store locator.

4. Paid Brand Search Ads Allow You To Remarket Your Content

When you know your audience, you can use your paid ads to address them specifically. This is known as remarketing or retargeting, and it is the tactic of serving targeted ads to people who have already visited or taken action on your website.

Since 98 percent of your website visitors will leave your website without converting, it’s up to you to recognize their interest and bring them back through tailor marketing efforts that ultimately lead to sales.

They may have purchased from you before. They may have visited a particular product or category page. Or they may be a member of your newsletter – they’re interested in what you have to say and just don’t know what they want yet.

Different audiences are better served by different types of ads, and paid brand search ads can help you address the needs of your audience in a more targeted and fulfilling way.

5. Paid Brand Search Ads Can Be Tested For Maximum Efficacy

In the same vein, you’ll likely be testing quite a few of your paid brand search ads to see which of your messages resonate best with your audience. In fact, pre-testing can improve your ad’s effectiveness by at least 20 percent.

Testing before, during, and after launch with a pre-selected segment of your audience that represents a target group for the campaign can help you gauge how they respond to either different versions of the ad or different ad concepts.

Final thoughts

If you’re ready to grow your business, but you’re struggling with the marketing piece, LeaseMyMarketing is here to help. You’ll have the help of your own marketing specialist who’s dedicated to growing your business and coordinating with other key players. Our websites drive leads and maximize your company’s local SEO. We’ll help you find that competitive edge and drive quality traffic to your site. Visit Google Advertisings page for more information.

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