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Why Can’t I Add a Link to My Instagram Post (And How Can I Fix It?)

After the photoshoot, the slogan meeting, and reviewing the edits from the design team, you're ready to post to Instagram! The caption for your Instagram post is witty and informative, and you know it's going to lead to a lot of engagement.

The goal, of course, is to lead your potential customers directly to your product where those clicks can turn into sales.

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Naturally, you'll want to include a link to the product, right? Even if you already know how to post on Instagram, adding links has stumped many social media professionals. Even the most-liked Instagram post of all time is just a pretty picture if customers don't know where to go to get the product.

Luckily, we're here to help! Read on to learn about ways to add links to Instagram posts to ensure that your customers don't get lost on their way to finding your product!

Add a Link to Your Stories

If you've added links to Instagram stories in the past, you might notice that things have changed since October of 2021. The 'swipe up' feature is no more. Instagram replaced that feature with link stickers, which are available to verified accounts, or accounts with 10,000 followers.

If you know how to add music to Instagram, then you already know how stickers work. Select stories when choosing your Instagram post size, and then click on the sticker icon. Along with the regular options, you will be able to select 'link' as a choice, and fill in the information from there!

What if I’m Not Verified?

If you're not a verified business account or don't quite have 10,000 followers yet, you won't have access to this feature. Many accounts use a workaround to provide a direct link anyway. It requires a few more steps, but most savvy users are familiar with this method.

Simply include text somewhere in your post or story that says "link in bio." On your Instagram dashboard, select "edit profile."

There will be a space for a website where you can put a link. You can use the text under 'bio' to describe the link. That bio text will appear directly below the URL on your main Instagram page.

You can use that slot to put a direct link to a bio. You might also want to use a service such as Linktree or Koji to put a selection of relevant links in one place. Not only will your potential customers or clients gain access to your website, but they'll be able to see everything you have to offer in one place!

Saying "link in bio" shouldn't hurt your engagement at all. Even casual Instagram users know where to find a link.

Your Instagram Post Can Get Customers There

Whether you're a verified user or not, there are ways to include links in your Instagram post. These links can boost your engagement and bring customers directly to the product. No matter what you're posting about, your social media strategy can only improve when customers know where to click!

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