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Advanced Remarketing Services

AI Empowered Digital Ad Campaigns

Use AI and Machine Learning to Maximize Campaign Impact

Leverage Artificial Intelligence with your digital ad campaigns

Launch your campaigns utilizing the groundbreaking impact AI has on campaign customization. By aligning the campaign and the content marketing strategy with data collected from customer searches, previous online activity and interests, you can generate significantly personalized and customizable campaigns that drive leads.

Bring Your Leads Back with Remarketing

98% of your website visitors will leave your website without converting

Regardless of what a conversion on your website might be (submitting a request for information, chatting, signing up for your newsletter, etc.), the lion's share of your website visitors leave without contacting you. Don't let all the hard work of getting your customers to your website go to waste. Remarketing is your second chance to get these visitors back to your website. The best part is that these users DO convert higher once they come back. In short, remarketing is essential to increasing your sales.

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Remarket Your Leads on Any Device

67% of mobile users say that when they visit a mobile-friendly website, they're more likely to buy a site's product or service

Today's consumer uses multiple devices throughout the day, often turning to the device which is closest to them. You need to be where they are. Oftentimes, that device is their smartphone. Right now, what device is closest to you?

What is Remarketing and How Does it Affect Your Business?

Remarketing is a digital marketing strategy designed to re-engage your past website visitors who haven't converted. It involves displaying targeted ads to these potential customers as they browse other websites or social media platforms. The goal is to remind them of your product or service and encourage them to return to your site to complete a transaction.

Unlike standard advertising, which targets a broad audience, remarketing is laser-focused. It leverages tracking code or tags to follow your visitors around the internet, offering multiple opportunities for conversion. Whether they initially visited your landing page, browsed specific products, or abandoned a shopping cart, remarketing serves tailored ads to reignite their interest and bring them back to your site.

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Key Components of Effective Remarketing Campaigns

A successful remarketing campaign is made up of several building blocks that work in tandem to capture, engage, and convert past visitors to your website, turning missed opportunities into valuable customer interactions.

Tag setup.png

Tag setup

At the core of any remarketing campaign is the tracking code, often referred to as a remarketing tag or Google Ads tag. This small piece of code is embedded on your website and keeps track of visitors.

Audience manager.png

Audience manager

The central hub where you create and manage remarketing audiences. It's here where you define the criteria for your target audiences, often with the help of Google Analytics.

Remarketing lists.png

Remarketing lists

These are databases of past visitors to your website. The data can be segmented in various ways – for example, users who visited a certain page or took a specific action.

Remarketing audiences.png

Remarketing audiences

These are subsets of your remarketing lists. You might have different audiences based on the product pages visited or the amount of time spent on the site.

Ad group and campaign settings.png

Ad group and campaign settings

Within your Google Ads account, ad groups help you organize your remarketing ads. Campaign settings will define the overall rules for when and where your ads should appear.

Ads and ad copy.png

Ads and ad copy

The visual and textual elements that make up your remarketing ads. These should be highly targeted and tailored to the audience you're trying to reach.

Google Display Network.png

Google Display Network

This is the network of websites where your remarketing ads will be displayed. It includes a wide array of Google's partner sites.

Dynamic remarketing.png

Dynamic remarketing

An advanced type of remarketing that shows past visitors ads based on the specific products or services they viewed on your website.

Audience targeting.png

Audience targeting

The strategy behind which audiences will see your ads. This can be set up in your Google Ads account and fine-tuned using Google Analytics.

Automated bidding.png

Automated bidding

Google Ads can automatically adjust your bid based on how likely the viewer is to convert, helping you maximize the return on your remarketing efforts.

Conversion rates.png

Conversion rates

Metrics that show how many clicks or interactions your ads receive that result in a desired action like a sale or a sign-up.

Landing pages.png

Landing pages

These are the pages where users are taken once they click on your remarketing ads. Ideally, they should be highly relevant to the ad content.

Marketing campaigns.png

Marketing campaigns

These are the broader strategies within which your remarketing campaigns reside. Remarketing can be just one part of a larger digital marketing effort.

Online advertisers.png

Online advertisers

The service providers, often using Google Ads, who help run remarketing campaigns. Choosing the right one can make or break your remarketing strategy.

Remarketing ad costs.png

Remarketing ad costs

The financial aspect of running ads. Budgets can be set in campaign settings, and it's crucial to monitor costs to ensure a positive ROI.

Metrics that Matter in Remarketing

Remarketing campaigns are not a "set it and forget it" endeavor. Monitoring performance metrics helps to refine your strategy. Here's what you should be looking at:

Conversion Rate

The percentage of remarketed visitors who take the desired action.

Cost Per Conversion

The average cost of acquiring a customer through your remarketing campaign.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Measures the effectiveness of your ads by showing how often people click them.

LeaseMyMarketing keeps a close eye on these metrics to ensure your remarketing campaigns are performing optimally.

Adaptability: The Real Power of Remarketing

One of the advantages of remarketing is its dynamic nature. Here are ways you can quickly adjust your strategy:

Audience Segmentation

Tailor ads based on specific user behaviors or visited pages.

Ad Content

Test various ad copies to see which resonates more with your target audience.

Bid Adjustments

Change your bids for better-performing keywords or times of day.

With LeaseMyMarketing, you can adapt your campaigns in real-time to meet your ever-changing business needs.

Multiply Your Sales Through Tailored Remarketing Ads by LeaseMyMarketing

When it comes to selling, initial customer engagement is just the start. The crux lies in retaining those potential customers. LeaseMyMarketing specializes in crafting ads that turn engagements into sales and single interactions that become lasting business relationships.

Remarketing basics

Re-engage past website visitors as they continue their online journey. Our strategies place your brand in their field of view across various platforms.

Dynamic remarketing

Our advanced dynamic remarketing targets past visitors with ads featuring specific products or services they viewed on your site, making each interaction highly relevant.

Remarketing for mobile

Don't miss out on the mobile user segment. Our approach includes targeting past visitors of your mobile site as they navigate through other mobile apps and sites.

Search engine remarketing

Be there when past visitors are ready to make a decision. Our search engine remarketing ensures your brand is present during their follow-up searches online.

Why Your Business Needs Professional Remarketing Services

In digital marketing, having a well-executed remarketing campaign can be the defining factor in turning potential customers into loyal clients. Here's why outsourcing this critical task to specialized remarketing experts is a smart move:

Mastery of Google Ads and Google Analytics.png

Mastery of Google Ads and Google Analytics

A specialized service has the expertise to use these platforms to their fullest, optimizing for higher conversion rates and better ROI.

Custom-crafted remarketing campaigns.png

Custom-crafted remarketing campaigns

Unique and strategic campaigns are created to resonate specifically with your target audience.

Access to advanced features.png

Access to advanced features

From dynamic remarketing to the creation of specialized remarketing lists, an expert service knows how to make the most of advanced features.

Continuous monitoring and adjustment.png

Continuous monitoring and adjustment

Remarketing is not a set-it-and-forget-it strategy. Expert services provide ongoing monitoring and tweaks to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Up-to-date best practices.png

Up-to-date best practices

With constantly changing algorithms and policies, staying current is crucial. Outsourcing ensures you're always in line with the latest best practices without having to keep track yourself.

LeaseMyMarketing specializes in remarketing campaigns tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring you're not just keeping up, but staying ahead.

The Full Potential of Remarketing: What's in It for You?

Remarketing is more than just a way to reconnect with past visitors; it's a tool that provides tangible benefits to accelerate your business growth. Here's how:

Brand awareness.png

Brand awareness

Though the initial visit didn't result in a conversion, remarketing keeps your brand at the forefront of potential customers' minds. This is crucial in a world where brand recall can make or break a sale.

Highly targeted messaging.png

Highly targeted messaging

With the use of Google Analytics and Google Ads, remarketing allows you to segment your audience based on behavior, enabling more personalized and effective ads.

Optimized budget use.png

Optimized budget use

You're not shooting in the dark; you're aiming at a target you've already hit once. This makes your Google Ads spend more efficient, focusing resources on users more likely to convert.

Time-sensitive promotions.png

Time-sensitive promotions

Got a limited-time offer? Remarketing is an excellent channel for promoting time-sensitive deals to an audience already familiar with your product or service.

Insight into user behavior.png

Insight into user behavior

Google Analytics account data can inform your remarketing strategies. Knowing why users left or what caught their interest can be invaluable for future campaigns.

Seamless multi-platform reach.png

Seamless multi-platform reach

Whether it's through search ads on Google or ads displayed on other sites within the Google Display Network, remarketing ensures you can reach your target audience across various platforms.

Lower cart abandonment rates.png

Lower cart abandonment rates

Tailored remarketing ads can remind users of the products they've left behind, turning forgotten items into completed purchases.

With LeaseMyMarketing, these benefits aren't just theoretical; they are the core of the customized services we offer, aimed at not just meeting but exceeding your business goals.

Phenomenal Sales Growth with LeaseMyMarketing

In a digital ecosystem flooded with competitors vying for consumer attention, standing out isn't just desirable—it's essential. Here's how LeaseMyMarketing goes beyond the norm to help your business unlock new avenues for sales growth:

The Google Ads advantage

We don't just manage Google Ads; we optimize them for your unique business needs. By utilizing the most advanced features, we fine-tune your ad reach, placing you in front of consumers who are already interested in what you offer but just haven't clicked 'buy' yet.

Double down on remarketing campaign success

First impressions matter, but it's the second, third, or even fourth impression that often seals the deal. Our specially designed remarketing campaigns focus on that crucial touchpoint to convert fence-sitters into buyers.

Analytics-driven sales strategy

Our use of Google Analytics goes beyond mere data collection. We analyze user behavior patterns, segmenting audience types to not only understand who has visited your website but also why they might return. This enables us to predict future consumer behavior, giving you a competitive edge.

No cookie-cutter ads here

Standard Google Ads have their place, but your business isn't standard, so why should your ads be? We create ads tailored to the nuances of your audience, right down to the landing page they're directed to, ensuring a cohesive user experience that leads to higher conversion rates.

Reach beyond the search network

Take full advantage of the Google Display Network, a vast but often underutilized realm of opportunity. From specialized ads to users on relevant blogs to news websites, we expand your reach to places you didn't even know your potential customers frequented.

Remarketing tags: The unseen sales catalyst

We strategically place remarketing tags to track user engagement levels with your site. This data helps us refine ongoing strategies, ensuring you're not only retaining old customers but also gaining new ones.

Target users, not just keywords

Our advanced targeting options go beyond simple keyword-based targeting. We use audience definitions and user behavior to place your ads, ensuring each impression counts.

Conversion rates that speak volumes

We don't just aim for clicks; we aim for conversions. Our campaigns are optimized to enhance user engagement, making sure that the users respond positively to your ads, thereby boosting sales.

By partnering with LeaseMyMarketing, you don't just get a service provider; you get a strategic partner committed to scaling your sales growth. We're here to ensure that every digital interaction counts, turning potential into profit.

How it Works

    Creating a website is about weaving your company’s brand message into the fabric of its design. Each website we create is personalized to fit your company's colors, styles, and branding. Our expert designers work closely with you during the planning process to ensure that every element—from the logo design to the overall aesthetics—resonates with your brand identity.
    We understand the importance of a unique, easy-to-remember domain in today's crowded internet space. You can connect your existing domain or create a new one—we make it easy either way.
    Content isn’t just words on a page—it’s the voice of your brand. You can provide your own content or let our skilled content writers create compelling, search-engine-optimized text for you. Our team specializes in creating SEO-optimized content that appeals to your target audience, boosts search engine rankings, and reinforces your company identity. We aim to make it easy and effective for you.
    Website design isn't just about appearances—it's about driving results. Your customers will love how your website looks and functions, while you'll love the impact it has on your business. From boosting your online presence with a responsive web design to enhancing lead generation through a streamlined sales funnel, our design and development team is dedicated to bringing you measurable results. We build sites that not only meet your project requirements but also contribute to business growth.
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