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Business Blogs: How Do I Get More Google Reviews for My Business?

Have you ever Googled a competitor and were amazed by the number of Google reviews they have? Of course, the natural reaction is to wonder how they could get people to leave a customer review.

There are two things that every business should have if they want people to find them online. The first is a business website. The second is a Google My Business page, which is essential for brands and local businesses.

The Google My Business set-up or Google Knowledge Graph is the easiest way to leave online reviews. They also help with first page rankings when users enter your business name in the search engine.

Keep reading to learn how to get more reviews for your business.

Five Star review

Ask Customers to Leave Google Reviews

The best way to get a customer review is to ask the customer if they are willing to leave a review. It's essential to make the review process as easy as possible. Create a placard showing the customer the options to leave a review and steps to do so.

For example, there are Google reviews, website reviews, and review options on social media platforms.

Send Reminders Via Email Marketing

It's always a great idea to collect contact information for your customers. An essential piece of information is an email address. First, make sure you have permission to contact the customer, so make sure there is an opt-in box for them to check.

After asking the customer to leave a review, follow up a few days later with an email reminder.

Include a Card in Complimentary Bags

For businesses in the service industry, complimentary bags are always popular marketing tools. They are relatively inexpensive, and customers love them.

A bag can include a small bottle of water, mints, a business card, and information on how and where to leave online reviews. As you're giving the bag to the customer, let them know how valuable a customer review is to your business.

Offer to Email Receipts

Digital receipts are becoming very popular. Encourage your customers to opt-in to receive their receipts by email. Most software allows clients to customize the email the customer will receive.

Mention the Google review option along with steps and a link to your GMBP.

Utilize Social Media

Social media business pages are another outlet to remind customers of the importance of reviews. You can also share favorable reviews as a way of encouraging others.

Social media sites like Facebook and Yelp have online review options.

Get Your Reviews Popping

People love to know their opinion matters. Whether you receive 5-star Google reviews or an occasional lower rating, acknowledge the review. It's important to show potential clients that every opinion matters and you have a willingness to work with unhappy clients.

Reviews are one way to market your business. There are many other avenues to take when it comes to reaching your ideal audience.

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