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Go Viral with Sharable Content

The Benefits of Shareable Content for Your Brand

According to a study by Moz, websites with more backlinks, which can be generated through shareable content, tend to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Sharable content can increase the visibility and reach of a website's content, leading to more backlinks and social signals, which are important factors in search engine ranking algorithms. When high-quality, engaging content gets shared, it can attract new audiences, generate more traffic, and ultimately, improve the website's search engine rankings. Additionally, the more people that share a website's content, the more authority and credibility it can build, further boosting its SEO performance.

Visually Interesting Infographics

An infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a text article

Our creative team excels at developing eye-catching infographics that distill complex information into easily understood pieces. Amplify your brand’s message across different platforms by incorporating shareable infographics into your marketing efforts.

Infographics Design & Marketing Services
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Distribution Strategy

Our team are experts at leveraging various channels to amplify the reach and visibility of the content. It's important to tailor the distribution strategy to the specific goals and target audience of the content to maximize its impact and effectiveness. We will work with you to create and implement a distribution strategy for each of your next viral campaigns.

Strengthen Your Impact with Content Marketing Infographics

Content marketing infographics serve as a key ingredient in a well-rounded content marketing strategy. They distill complex data into an easy-to-understand visual format, grabbing your audience's attention and helping to spread brand awareness across multiple platforms.

These visual assets combine data, design elements, and essential information, crafting a visually appealing and highly shareable experience for your target audience. They enhance your search engine optimization efforts and clarify intricate topics, enriching your overall digital marketing initiatives.

Laptop Infographic

The Technical Aspects of Infographics: A Content Marketing Strategy

Creating impactful infographics and shareable content involves more than just laying out visuals and data; it's a meticulous process that combines design, information, and marketing strategy. Below, we delve into the technical aspects that are crucial for crafting infographics that not only look good but also serve your content marketing goals.

Visual elements and graphic design.png

Visual elements and graphic design

Crafting a successful infographic requires a blend of visual elements like color schemes, typography, and icons. These elements should be cohesive and in line with your brand's content marketing strategy to create a harmonious visual story.

Data gathering and visualization.png

Data gathering and visualization

Relevant data is the backbone of any infographic. It's essential to source accurate and reliable data, then visualize it in a way that's easy to understand. This enhances the infographic's credibility and effectiveness as an educational tool.

Content strategy and distribution.png

Content strategy and distribution

Once the infographic is designed, it fits into a broader content strategy that outlines how it will be distributed across various platforms. Whether it's social media, blog posts, or email marketing, each platform may require different formats or sizes.

SEO and embed codes.png

SEO and embed codes

To increase the infographic's visibility, it's key to consider search engine optimization. Embed codes can be added to make sharing easier, thereby increasing backlinks and improving your website's SEO.

Audience engagement.png

Audience engagement

The ultimate goal is to engage your target demographic. The infographic should be not only visually appealing but also highly shareable to encourage audience interaction and amplify brand awareness.

Customization: Tailor-Made Infographics for Your Brand

Customized infographics offer a unique way to tell your brand's story and ensure that your content stands out in an increasingly saturated market. Here's how customization can elevate your content marketing strategy:

Brand consistency.png

Brand consistency

From color schemes to typography, custom infographics maintain brand consistency across all your content marketing campaigns. This uniformity strengthens brand recognition and sends a cohesive message to your audience.

Targeted messaging.png

Targeted messaging

Customization allows you to tailor the infographic's message to resonate with different segments of your target audience. Whether you're targeting potential customers or industry leaders, a customized message increases engagement and impact.

Data gathering and visualization.png

Data visualization

Every business has its own unique data to share. Customization ensures that your infographics visualize data in a way that aligns with your brand's content marketing strategies, making complex information easily digestible for your audience.

Platform-specific design.png

Platform-specific design

Different social platforms have different requirements and audience behaviors. Custom infographics can be formatted to perform optimally on various social media channels, from blog posts to email marketing campaigns.

Interactive elements.png

Interactive elements

Enhance user engagement by incorporating interactive elements like clickable links or embedded videos. These add a dynamic layer to your infographics, encouraging more interaction and sharing.

SEO optimization.png

SEO optimization

Custom infographics can be optimized for search engines by including alt text, targeted keywords, and embed codes. This not only increases your content's visibility but also contributes to a more effective tool in your overall digital marketing strategy.

Content Relevance: Making Your Infographics Matter

The relevance of your infographics can greatly impact brand awareness. This goes beyond just creating infographics that are visually appealing. Here's how to ensure your visual content serves a purpose:

Timely topics

Selecting a topic that is timely can captivate immediate attention and track results. Whether you're addressing seasonal trends or industry developments, aligning your infographics with what's current can make them the best infographics for sharing.

Audience needs

Your infographics should meet the specific needs of your target audience. Digital marketers understand that providing valuable information increases the chances of social sharing buttons being used, amplifying your story further.

Brand objectives

Every infographic you create should align with broader objectives, whether that's to increase brand awareness or to appear in Google's image results.

Localized information

Consider customizing the infographic with localized data. This approach not only conveys information effectively but can also be highly relevant for specific audience segments.

Industry alignment

Ensure your infographic is in tune with your industry. Whether you tell a story or explain concepts, this strategy enhances your credibility and sets you apart as a content marketer.


Every relevant infographic should guide the audience toward a specific action. Embed codes can be added to make sharing easier, thereby increasing backlinks and improving your website's SEO.

By focusing on content relevance, you ensure your infographics serve as an effective tool that contributes to your digital marketing infographics strategy. They become more than just visual content; they become a strategic asset resonating with the audience that matters most to your business.

Business Success Through the Content Marketing Infographic

The use of infographics in your content marketing strategy goes beyond just creating visually appealing content. These digital assets can significantly benefit your business in various ways, from increasing brand awareness to enhancing your digital marketing efforts. Here's how:

Clarify complex information

Infographics are a powerful tool to convey complex information in an easy-to-digest format. Whether you're explaining difficult concepts or showcasing data, an infographic simplifies the message, making it accessible to your target audience.

Increase brand awareness

Infographics are highly shareable, especially across social media platforms. Sharing these engaging visuals amplifies your brand's reach and enhances brand awareness.

Boost SEO and web traffic

Well-crafted infographics often get shared, which can result in valuable backlinks to your website. This not only boosts SEO but also drives more traffic to your site.

Engage the audience

Visual content grabs the audience's attention more effectively than text-based content. Infographics increase engagement levels, encouraging your audience to interact with your brand.

Enhance social media marketing efforts

Infographics can be broken down into smaller visual bits, perfect for sharing on social media channels. This versatility makes them an invaluable asset in your social media marketing strategy.

Generate leads

By creating infographics that solve problems or offer valuable information, you can attract potential customers. Add a compelling call-to-action, and you've got a lead-generating machine.

By integrating infographics into your content marketing strategy, you're making your campaign more engaging and setting up your brand for measurable success.

Image by Per Lööv

Why Choose LeaseMyMarketing for Your Shareable Content Needs?

When it comes to crafting compelling and shareable content, LeaseMyMarketing offers a blend of creativity and technical expertise that's hard to match. While many agencies focus solely on blog posts or existing content, we see the untapped potential of incorporating infographics into your content strategy. Our skilled graphic designers use top-tier online graphic design tools to create infographics that stand out.

Whether it's transforming an existing post into a dynamic visual or devising unique ways your infographics can amplify your content strategy, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Choose us, and you won't just get an infographic. You will be getting a prime example of content marketing excellence.

How it Works

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    We understand the importance of a unique, easy-to-remember domain in today's crowded internet space. You can connect your existing domain or create a new one—we make it easy either way.
    Content isn’t just words on a page—it’s the voice of your brand. You can provide your own content or let our skilled content writers create compelling, search-engine-optimized text for you. Our team specializes in creating SEO-optimized content that appeals to your target audience, boosts search engine rankings, and reinforces your company identity. We aim to make it easy and effective for you.
    Website design isn't just about appearances—it's about driving results. Your customers will love how your website looks and functions, while you'll love the impact it has on your business. From boosting your online presence with a responsive web design to enhancing lead generation through a streamlined sales funnel, our design and development team is dedicated to bringing you measurable results. We build sites that not only meet your project requirements but also contribute to business growth.
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