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How Important Is Local SEO for Businesses?

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Ever wondered to focus on global or local SEO?

For a small business, local SEO is the way to go. It focuses less on building a brand and more on driving revenue to your website. But how does this work and why is local SEO important?

If you run a local business, hop right into this guide today. Discover the importance of local SEO for your shop with our list right here:

Builds Relevant Traffic

SEO should generate more traffic, but not without relevance and purpose. If your business is in Pensacola, Florida, you want to prioritize people within the area. Local leads will generate more revenue than people from halfway across the globe.

Local SEO guarantees relevant traffic. Using the right SEO tactics and keywords ensures most of your site visitors are people who can and will purchase what you offer.

Relevant traffic also refers to profitable traffic. What's the point of having thousands of visitors, if none of them purchase, signed up for a newsletter, or even share your page with others.

Increases Brick-and-Mortar Customers

Local SEO also affects the local economy. Don't forget that almost half of all Google searches are for local information. People rely on Google to find nearby restaurants, music gigs, tourist spots, clothes stores, and more.

How do you achieve this? Use Google My Business, rely on local social media influencers, and use local-centric keywords. Create content like blogs and videos that specifically target the local crowd to get them to visit your shop.

Got a new discount promo available at your shop? Local SEO efforts guarantee that people within the neighborhood will know about it! This also applies to product announcements, company events, and more.

Boosts Credibility

Did you know optimizing for local search can also boost your business's credibility? Think of it this way: with more content, people in the area will begin to identify your site and shop as the go-to hotspots. Why visit any other website when yours provides all the answers they seek?

This also applies to Google's algorithm.

The more you focus on local SEO, the more likely it is people from the area will begin to link back to your website. With more credible backlinks, Google's crawlers will identify your pages as the relevant authority regarding a certain niche.

Take Advantage of Local SEO Today

Don't hesitate any longer. Now that you know the importance of local SEO, hop on and start planning now. Boost your credibility, increase walk-in sales, and gain relevant traffic instead of empty, high-bounce visitors.

Of course, that's a lot of work for an experienced team to handle. That's where we come in! We focus a lot on local SEO for small businesses!

Call us today and we can help you with all your local SEO needs. We can provide all the tools and expertise to the table, guaranteeing better results in no time.

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