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Why Compounding Content Is Important and How To Do It Easily

In this digital age, content is king. Learn how to create content easily and efficiently so you can help maximize your business and build trust with customers.

Content can help spread the awareness of your product as well as your authority on that subject matter. It also gives you the advantage of bulking up your site and showing you have much to offer in that field.

Compounding content is the practice of creating content that can be broken down into smaller content for different types of media. By doing so, you are effectively cutting down costs to create content as well as minimizing the time needed to create it. Digital Marketing needs authentic and shareable content to keep leads coming in.

Some people don't realize how knowledge is a product. We can easily contextualize a physical product since we can see it. The same way people buy books physically is because you have them in your hands.

By creating compounding content digitally, we are able to sell a product infinitely. This idea was proposed by Frank Kern, a marketing guru with a net worth of $35 million as of 2020. All of Kern's income comes from his online services, which range from marketing consultation to business aid to dating advice.

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Two Products to Focus on in Digital Marketing

There are 2 types of products we need to focus on in digital marketing:

  1. Liquidators

  2. Bread and Butter

Liquidators are the front-end products on our site. They usually are free or very low-cost items for clients to purchase. The point of this product is to get the client’s trust by giving them a free or cheap product that they can use. General information about the subject is a great liquidator in digital marketing.

Bread and Butter is the main product we sell to our clients. This is what the company will be selling and getting the bulk of the sales on. Our goal is to get the clients from the liquidators to the Bread and Butter products by creating that trust in the first place.

How to Create Compound Content

Now that we know the different types of content, we can discuss how to make them from one simple product. Imagine you have a pest control company and you want to get more clients. To do this, you can do the following:

1. Create a video tutorial of basic info about pests around the area.

2. The info from that video can then be turned into a Free PDF file that can be downloaded by the possible client. They are already getting something out of the trade, thus building trust. Most companies don’t give freebies, which makes it harder to make the client feel you aren’t just there for the money.

3. By doing the basic test, we can break up content into different avenues to help promote the business. You can use the video for your site, and the PDF for your liquidators, which all points to your Bread and Butter product, which is your pest control service.

By understanding how compounding content works, you are able to maximize your business as well as build trust with your customers at the same time. As the saying goes, work smarter, not harder.

Content Marketing with LeaseMyMarketing

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