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5 Reasons Your Contractor Company Should Use Live Chat On Your Website

Did you know that nearly 79% of the consumers all across the world prefer live chats just because they offer instant responses?

And that’s not all. On top of that, it has the highest customer satisfaction rate at 92%.

5 Reasons Your Pest Control Company Should Use Live Chat On Your Website

Over the course of the past few years, live chat has turned out to be an essential functionality.

79% of consumers prefer live chats because they offer instant response

Nowadays, people don't like to wait. Gone are the days when your consumers would raise a ticket and wait for days to hear back from you.

Instead, they are looking for instant solutions to their problems. And if you don’t offer them that, your competitors will. That’s true, especially if you own a contractor business.

The competition’s incredibly fierce. Kudos to you for taking your business online. But, if you don’t use live chat on your website, you could be missing out on leads.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the top reasons you should use live chat on your contractor website.

Well, then, let’s get started.

Top Reasons To Use Live Chat On Your Website

5. Stay A Step Ahead of Your Competitors

Well, it doesn’t matter how important it is, not many of your competitors will have a live chat functionality on their websites. If they are already using live chat, then that means it's you, who are being left behind.

It’s time you went one step ahead of them and equipped the functionality straight away.

4. Reduces Expenses

Live chat isn't expensive, in fact, it's a really cost-effective option. You will be providing the benefit of immediacy as well as building a relationship with your consumers.

In the case of phone support, expensive hardware, as well as software, will be required.

According to a study, a live chat feature is nearly 17% cheaper than phone support.

So, it’s time you started utilizing live chat on your contractor website.

3. Convenient For Your Customers

If there ever was a secret mantra for success, this is it. Along with offering high-quality contractor service, it’s really important for you to provide accessible and convenient customer support.

Once your consumers land on your website, they won’t face a hard time connecting to one of your agents. All they need to do is to hit the “Live Chat” icon and BOOM! They can get started.

2. Increase in Sales

Live chat is one of the most incredible sales channels for a contractor website.

While one of your customers starts a live chat, you can build a rapport with him/her while addressing the issue.

Not only will you be building a relationship with your customers, but you can even let them know about the additional services you offer.

With automations built in, you can even prompt your website visitors when they land on your website. For example, if someone's visiting your bed bug page, you can send them a prompt chat that stresses the importance of professional bed bug removal.

Finally, live chat can offer your support team the ability to chat with multiple customers at the same time, you definitely can't do that with phone support.

1. Increases Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction should be your #1 Priority

What if your customers are facing some problems with respect to contractor? Should they mail you or raise a ticket on your platform? Well, in that case, chances are that they can expect a reply within 24-48 working hours.

But what if they are looking for instant support? And that’s the problem right there. Sure, they could call, but research shows that offering multiple forms of contact increase customer outreach. There could be a number of reasons why a customer can't or simply doesn't want to call.

If you use live chat on your website, they wouldn’t have to call your customer support executives. They wouldn’t need to wait for hours to hear back from you. Instead, they’d be getting a reply within minutes.

You will even be able to share links to documents, photos, instructions, FAQs as well as various other resources. Plus, you’d even be able to answer their queries in real-time.


Is live chat functionality for your contractor website? Absolutely YES!

And if you seriously want to win new business while building long-term healthy relationship with your consumers, you should use live chat functionality on your website straight away.

As you can see, live chat can be an incredibly powerful tool for your contracting company. That why, every contractor website we build out for our clients includes live chat as a standard option and chat reports are integrated into our all-in-one reporting and insights dashboard.


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