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What is Copywriting and How to Do It Well

Good copywriting is essential to get your customers to take action. Here are some tips for action-inducing copywriting!

Copywriting is essential in any successful business. Essentially, copywriting is the written form of advertisements and other types of marketing. The goal of great copywriting is to convince your target audience to take action and to do that, you have to get them to feel, think, and act.

The formula is simple: the better the copy, the more conversions you’ll have. But how do you write good copy? We’ll go over the basic points of good copywriting so you can try it yourself or know if what you’re receiving from someone else is quality work.

What is Copywriting

Amazing Copywriting in 6 Steps

1. Know your topic

Before you even start writing, it’s critical to understand what you’re writing about and what is your end goal. Some questions you can ask yourself:

  • What is the product/service/brand I am trying to share?

  • What makes this product/service/brand unique and better than others?

  • How will the target audience benefit? Which benefits are the most appealing?

  • Does this product/service/brand alleviate pain or increase pleasure?

2. Know your audience

Depending on what you’re writing about, how you write for an 18-year-old is going to be different than how you would write it for a 50-year-old. That is the basic example of why it’s important to know your target audience and this can be an area many business owners struggle with sometimes.

You want to get into the mind of your target audience, know how they are feeling, what they’re thinking, and what they desire the most. Once you know this, then you’ll have a better idea of what to write that will be the most appealing to them.

3. Grab their attention and don’t let go

This is the bread and butter of great copywriting. In order to convince anyone to take action, you’ll need to be able to grab their attention and keep them engaged long enough to get to your main point.

This all begins with a catchy headline. It could be a subject line in an email or the title of a blog post. And then the goal should be to keep your reader going. What is a catchy first sentence? Second sentence? And so on? Joe Sugarman, an accomplished copywriter, described this as a slippery slope. Once someone starts reading your copy, they simply can’t stop.

4. Tap into emotions

Great copywriting gets you feeling happy, sad, tension, hope, anger, motivation, FOMO, etc. It’s easy for business owners to talk about exactly what their products and services do. But how do your products and services make your target audience feel?

For example, Nike never talks about their shoes, what materials they use or how comfortable they are. Instead, they focus on success and the feeling of accomplishment.

5. Tell your audience a story

We all love a good story! So if you’re wondering how to do you keep someone’s attention long enough to tell them about your product or service, telling a compelling story is a go-to tactic for many copywriters. It grabs attention, but it also helps build trust and makes you more relatable.

6. Have one, clear call-to-action

The most effective copywriting will have one main takeaway for the reader. Once you achieved what is called the “aha moment” for your reader, meaning that you were able to educate them and convince them with your messaging, what action should they take next?

A call-to-action can be to contact you, purchase a product, sign up for a newsletter, etc. Whatever it is, it needs to be clear and direct.

Copywriting Gurus at LeaseMyMarketing

When we sit and strategize digital marketing strategies, you can bet on amazing copywriting. From email marketing to website content, we implement the most effective copywriting formulas to help our clients achieve their goals. If you’re looking to level up your copywriting and digital marketing strategies, contact LeaseMyMarketing today for a free consultation.


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