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Check Out Google Maps 4 New Local Shopping Features

These 4 new Google Maps features make it easier than ever to help local shoppers find you and have a better shopping experience.

Google Maps recently launched a set of new features to help local shoppers have a better experience, which means, more business for you!

In 2020, an estimated 154.4 million people use Google Maps every month, making it the most downloaded navigation app. This surpasses Waze and Android Auto.

By connecting Google Maps up to Bluetooth technology in the car, consumers can use in-car voice assistance to ask for directions or look for nearby businesses.

Now with these 4 new features, it’s easier than ever to utilize Google Maps to get around and help local consumers find your business. Learn more about these new features so you can harness the power of Google Maps to grow your business.

Using Imaps

Google Map’s 4 New Features

1. Area Busyness

The first new feature is called Area Busyness, which can let someone know how busy a certain area is before they even get there. This is a great feature for those who want to avoid big crowds.

The Area Busyness feature looks at trends from individual businesses in the area. By combining that data, you can see approximately how busy the surrounding area is. So for example, if there are several businesses located next to each other and all of those businesses are busy around the same time, then the Area Busyness will be high.

To check out the Area Busyness feature, open Google Maps and tap on the area you want to see. You can see the current estimate of how busy the area is and the estimates for how busy it will be throughout the day.

2. Directory Tab

The second newest feature is perfect when you’re inside an airport, mall, or transit station. The Directory Tab feature allows you to see all the stores inside the building.

For example, if you’re inside the airport and your flight gets delayed, you don’t have to necessarily stay in your assigned gate area. You can open Google Maps, type in the name of the airport, and then tap Directory to see all the restaurants and stores, their ratings, and their hours.

3. Grocery Shopping

Ordering groceries online and then picking up at the store has grown in popularity due to the pandemic. Google Maps is keeping up with trends by now providing a Grocery Shopping feature.

This feature is currently available in 30 states and with certain locations, including Kroger’s, Ralphs, Marianos, and Fry’s. After placing an order within Google Maps, you can then track your status and schedule your pickup time.

4. Restaurant Information

The final new feature of Google Maps puts more information at your fingertips about your favorite restaurants.

When customers review a restaurant, they now have the option of commenting about the price range and other amenities, like outdoor seating and curbside pickup. These additional details will then be tabulated under the restaurant’s main listing page. That way people can see right away if the restaurant is within their price range or if they offer additional amenities.

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These are just some of the latest features you can utilize within Google Maps when developing a comprehensive local SEO strategy. If you’re wondering if your local SEO strategy needs a tune-up, contact LeaseMyMarketing today. We assess your current SEO performance and provide data-driven strategies to help customers find you.


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