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Social Solutions: 5 Creative Content Ideas for Social Media

Around 72% of American adults use social media today, including around 69% that use Facebook. For businesses both large and small, social media offers an opportunity to connect with your existing customers and promote your brand to new customers.

A strong social media presence can develop your brand and make it more recognizable. It can also help to drive relevant online traffic to your website, increase loyalty, and target new markets.

If you are looking for social media content ideas, you are in the right place. In this blog post, we will highlight 5 creative content ideas for social media.

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1. Create a Regular Series

Live streaming videos on a regular and consistent basis, for every Tuesday morning or every second Friday afternoon, is a great idea. You can choose a topic related to your business and discuss it. You can even bring in special guests from time to time.

Imagine you are a local cinema, for example. Your videos can focus on upcoming movies and review those that have recently been shown. Special guests can be local reviewers or even, if possible from time to time, stars of the movie.

This is a great way to pique interest in what your business has to offer and stay relevant online.

2. Host an AMA

Brand loyalty is so important these days; many consumers feel a strong attachment to a particular brand and always stick by it. People also love to learn more about companies and the people behind them.

An 'Ask Me Anything' live stream is another great idea. This could also be incorporated into a regular series, where staff members can take turns to host their very own AMA.

3. Run Competitions

Humans love free things, that's a well-established fact! Running contests or giveaways is a great way to attract people to your social media account/s.

To enter the competition, people could be required to share the post, for example. This helps to spread information and interest in your business even further.

4. Organize a Social Media Takeover

Once a month, for example, you can hand over the reins of managing your company's social media accounts to an influencer (or one of your clients). This helps to bring new people to your site and boost engagement and sales. It's a really fun thing to do and it helps to create a positive vibe.

5. Host a Challenge

The more creative, the better! This kind of content is especially suited to platforms like TikTok, where users love taking on challenges and showing off. Simply create a challenge designed about one of your products or services; you can even turn it into a competition and have a prize for the winners.

Creative Content Ideas for Social Media

Great social media posts are all about driving interest in your brand and spreading the word. When the public views your company as one they can relate to, as well as being fun and open, they are more likely to become a customer.

Here at LeaseMyMarketing, we deliver resulted-orientated digital marketing solutions for businesses. Contact us today at 888-738-9902 or click here to learn more.


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