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The Benefits of Using Google My Business Posts

Appearing on the first page of local searches can help your business tremendously. It means those who search on the internet looking for your service will be automatically drawn to your company.

Yet, getting on that first page can often be difficult. That’s why companies love Google My Business (GMB). Having a GMB profile helps your business rank and allows you to post updates about your brand as well as your products and services.

In this blog, we’ll take you through all the benefits of using Google My Business posts.

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What is Google My Business?

According to Google, Google My Business (GMB) is “a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps.”

Google states that verifying and editing your business information can help your customers find your business as well as information about it. In other words, it’ll help you rank higher than your competition.

They recognize the benefits of using GMB as…

1. Managing your information

What do you want your customers to find when they search for your business? What services do you offer that you want to advertise?

Above all, you want your customers to find your business credible and reliable. The companies that verify their information with GMB are twice as likely to be considered reputable by customers. They’ll know that they have the right hours, website, and street address.

2. Interacting with customers

Engaging with your customers can help boost your business. Both photos and reviews can help your customers know what to expect before using your service. Additionally, GMB provides a platform where you can respond to reviews, which lets potential customers know you actively engage with those you do business with.

And if you’re not convinced yet, let the data convince you. Those with GMB profiles receive 42 percent more requests for directions on Google Maps and 35 percent more clicks through to their website. Just having a GMB profile boosts your business!

3. Understanding and expanding your presence

Part of the process of marketing online is analyzing who searched for your business and where those customers came from. Having this information at your fingertips allows you to target your campaigns more effectively.

What are Google My Business posts?

Alright, so now that you know the basics of GMB, let’s move on to Google My Business posts. Google My Business Posts allows businesses to publish updated information about their brand, offers, events, products, and services. For many businesses, this will likely be most advantageous when it comes to special offers, discounts, or services you’re offering at the time.

GMB posts will either appear in the app for Google Maps (on mobile) or in a desktop search on the sidebar area known as the knowledge card. You can think of GMB posts like Facebook posts because they can be shared by viewers on social media or email.

What are the benefits of posting on Google My Business?

Just as GMB increases your visibility, posting allows you to advertise specific content that you want your audience to see. The best part? It’s free. You can highlight any special sales, offers, services, etc. without needing to spend more on marketing.

Improve local SEO:

Local SEO matters when you rely on local business. All of your customers likely live within miles of your business. By strengthening your local SEO, you ensure that you’re competitive in the area where your business is.

Reach more people:

What’s the first thing you do when you want to find out more information about a business in your area? You pull out your phone and you do a Google search. Knowing this, what’s the best way to reach people? Create a GMB profile, of course. It’ll help you expand your network and connect with those you may not reach through other marketing techniques.

Build brand awareness:

Having your information on GMB (especially updated information) is one of the best ways to build your brand awareness. After all, GMB helps to get accurate information out on the web right where customers are looking.

Engage with your audience:

As noted above, potential customers feel more comfortable when they see businesses actively replying to their customers. It allows them to get a sense of what it would be like to work with you. GMB is a platform where you can reply to reviews and post pictures of your products or services to frequently engage with your audience.

How to create a Google My Business post

Google My Business posts are simple to create. You’ll sign onto your existing Google My Business account and select the “Posts” tab from the menu. Then, select the type of post you want to make (event, offer, product, service, etc.). Then, you’ll add a title, description, photo/video, and call-to-action that will make your post stand out to your potential customers.

After that, all you have to do is preview your post and make sure it looks exactly how you want it to. When you’re ready, hit “Publish” and that’s all there is to it. After it’s published, GMB posts are typically up for a default 7 days. However, Google does provide the option to extend the post’s active time to 14 days.

One more thing to note: there’s limited room for your posts in your business’s knowledge panel. This means that your customers won’t be able to see all of your posts when they search for your business. Only eight posts can appear at a time, and they display newest to oldest. Keep this in mind as you prioritize the content you want customers to see.

Final thoughts

Google My Business is a great tool to help increase your local SEO and improve information about your business. You can use the post feature to engage with those searching for your business and to help build brand awareness.

For help devising a marketing strategy for your local company, contact us today. We’re your full-service digital marketing solution.


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