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What Is The Local 3-Pack? Why Do Contractor Companies Need To Know About It?

Running a business isn’t easy in this digital age. The competition is fierce and contractor companies need to know everything they can about ranking in search results to get local clients. One of the most important aspects of attracting local customers is Google Local 3-Pack.

pest control and the local 3-pack

If a company can make it onto that, then it almost guarantees increased traffic and sales. We’ll examine what the Local 3-Pack is and why it’s important for your contractor company to be a part of it.

Local Vs. General Search

There are two distinct types or organic search: local and general. General search is when you don’t care what city or state the traffic comes from. These are generally for web-only service-based companies or companies that ship their products anywhere. They don’t care where the traffic comes from because they can provide services to everyone.

Local Search is for companies that have a brick and mortar store that needs foot traffic or a company that provides services for a specific area. They need traffic within a regional area. If your contractor company services specific customers in Des Moines, Iowa, then getting traffic from San Diego, California doesn’t do you any good.

Local search marketing is anything a business does to improve website traffic and conversions for customers within a specific geographic area. The days of looking businesses up in the Yellow Pages are long over. When someone needs help getting contractors, they go straight to Google.

Google has many ways to help businesses secure local traffic including the Google Local 3-Pack. It is a crucial aspect of localized contractor marketing.

What Is Google Local 3-Pack?

Google understood when people were searching for specific services within a regional area, they needed to see the best local results. Instead of just providing a general search page, they first created the Local 7-pack.

There were seven local companies that Google highlighted within the search results, separate from the rest of the search results. This allowed people to easily see businesses in their area that met their needs. For example, if someone searched for bedbug removal, then Google would create a panel of seven contractor companies that could help them.

As time went on, Google realized only the top results were getting the traffic and the other companies listed weren’t. Also, as mobile search became more popular than desktop, the company discovered seven companies were hard to show on a mobile phone screen.

Their answer was to shorten the Local 7-pack to the Local 3-pack. This made seeing and choosing a business easier for searchers, but also made that vital search engine space even more competitive.

the local 3-pack has a map and lists what Google thinks are top providers in a geographic area.

The Google 3-pack includes a map (similar to the image on the right) showing where the three primary companies are located, lists the companies along with a link to their website, address, and hours of operation and so on. It also provides a 1- to 5- star rating based on reviews of the business.

The original listing included a phone number, but the new listing allows people to call the business directly with a click when viewing on mobile.

Local 3-Pack Is Vital for Contractor Marketing

Contractor companies can serve a large area and, depending on the area, the competition can be fierce. Small companies are going up against national chains with the money for ads and other marketing that small businesses can’t. There could be several companies going after the same customers and being a part of the Local 3-Pack puts you ahead of the competition.

Businesses need every edge they can get when it comes to digital marketing. Being a part of the Local 3-Pack and separated from the primary search results is like holding a large neon sign that says, “pick me.”

Local search needs to be part of your overall digital marketing plan, but contractor companies should try breaking into the Local 3-Pack at all costs…but how do you do it?

Ranking for the Local 3-Pack

There is no way to rank specifically for the Local 3-Pack but having a robust local SEO strategy improves your overall ranking and that can get you into the 3-pack.

Every business needs to have a filled out and accurate Google My Business page. This page is the blueprint Google uses to know what your business is, where it’s located, hours, etc.

Your address and other information need to be accurate on the business listing and review sites such as Yelp and Facebook? While Google My Business is the blueprint, the search engine also uses checks and balances by examining other pages as well. The more consistent the information the better your chances of making the 3-pack. This is also sometimes referred to as NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) consistency.

It also helps to be listed on local business sites like the Chamber of Commerce. It shows Google you’re a respected and legitimate business with ties to the community.

It Takes Time to Rank on Local 3-Pack

If your business isn’t currently on the 3-pack, then improving and enhancing your local contractor marketing can help, but it can take time. Search engine optimization isn’t a single project or a short-term plan.

It can take weeks or longer to make the necessary improvements and for Google to notice those improvements and rank accordingly. Your rise in rank also doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it will be a gradual climb, and based on various keywords and search queries.

You may be in the Local 3-Pack for bedbug contractor, but not for other types. It’s an ongoing project, but the payoff of being on the Local 3-Pack is well worth the time and effort to get there.

Improve Contractor Marketing and Earn Local 3-Pack

The first step to more traffic and conversions is developing a contractor marketing plan and implementing it. By improving your overall SEO, you can make it to the 3-Pack, which almost guarantees an uptick in sales and revenue.

LMM can help your business break through the clutter and beat the competition in the digital arena. We can help you grow your digital footprint because we’re experts in contractor marketing.

If you want to learn more about Local SEO or our contractor marketing program, please contact us today.


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