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5 Mistakes to Avoid With an Email Marketing Strategy

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In 2020, over 80 percent of B2B marketers said their most used form of content marketing was email newsletters. Not only can you find incredible value in email marketing (it's completely free if you're not using a paid service), but it can bring a lot of growth to your company.

There are, however, mistakes you should avoid making in your email marketing strategy.

Read on to learn five of the biggest email marketing mistakes to avoid.

1. Going With the First Marketing Company You See

If you're interested in hiring someone for your marketing, it's easy to be tempted to choose the first firm you see. Choosing the right small business marketing team is important, and it's something you should take the time to research before going all-in on.

2. Not Meeting Expectations

This one is regarding your readers. If you're not meeting their expectations, then it's pretty easy to assume they're going to unsubscribe from your email list.

Not only is copy important, but so is the frequency of your emails. Consistency is key, so if you say you're going to send out weekly newsletters, it's important that you do exactly that.

3. Forgetting User Experience

This one is huge, especially if you're forgetting to optimize for mobile. A large chunk of web users are using their mobile devices, and they won't hesitate to click away from your email and unsubscribe if they're having a hard time accessing it.

Not only this, but you should consider the design of your email before sending it. If you have a lot of media to include, make sure it all looks cohesive before you send it out.

4. Overdoing It

While consistency is surely key, it's important to make sure you're not overdoing it. As the popularity of your newsletter grows, it can be tempting to start sending out more emails, but sometimes this is actually the opposite of what you should be doing.

There's a fine line between connecting with your customers and becoming a nuisance. So if you find that what you're doing is successful, it's best to just remain consistent so you don't lose subscribers.

5. Not Having a Clear Call-to-Action

Yes, you might simply be using your newsletter to generate content, but there should be a point to that content. Readers like things that have a purpose, and your content should push that narrative.

Now, don't overdo it by aiming all of your content at one specific thing. Instead, choose a CTA (perhaps website signups) and then create loosely based around it.

It's easier to be authentic with your content than you may think, and it's definitely important so you don't drive readers away.

Remember These Email Marketing Strategy Mistakes

By remembering these email marketing strategy mistakes, you're setting your business (and its campaigns) up for success. Don't forget to set a plan ahead of time, and stick with it as closely as possible.

If you still find yourself having trouble with the process, or are just ready to outsource your marketing, be sure to contact us about email marketing today.


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