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Your Website ~ Faster Than Ever

When it comes to your mobile website experience, "Slow and Steady" doesn't win the race.

Mobile Website Experience

Today on "Think with Google", they talked about the importance of your website speed. More specifically they discussed the need to increase your mobile website speed as a critical driver of user experience. We also know that Google announced a few months back that they are now including a website's mobile experience (including load speed) as an important factor in search rankings. When you think about it, mobile is the one resource almost everybody, regardless of age, has in their pocket. And just because someone is over 50 doesn’t mean they aren’t using mobile. It certainly doesn’t mean they’ll tolerate a mediocre mobile experience.


Coincidentally, we're happy to announce that our website clients are going to get a power-boost to their website speed as well. Your website will be automatically upgraded with breakthrough technology to drastically improve the performance of all your websites. So, get ready, we're shifting into Turbo-Mode and your site now loads faster than ever.

Want to see for yourself, check out Google's website speed test and test your website today.


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