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What Makes Good Social Media Ads? 5 Tips and Tricks

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With over 4 billion people tapping away on various social networks, social media ads are a bigger business than ever. When your potential audience equals 'more than half of the human race', it presents an advertising opportunity that's hard to resist.

And yet, despite the enormous potential reach of social media advertising, plenty of businesses find it hard to reach customers online. The reason? A few bad habits holding them back.

Well, worry not, because we're here to break you of those bad habits with our top 5 tips for social media marketing.

Let's get to it!

1. Skip the Bumpy Landing

Picture it: you're browsing Facebook, liking this and that, sharing stuff, and swiping every which way but loose.

Then suddenly, there it is: the best social media advertising you've ever seen. It intersects perfectly with all your interests, it's funny, eye-catching, and there's a link right there to find out more.

You click it, and are immediately swept away to the advertiser's homepage.

Okay, bored now. Back to the photos of cats and people's lunches.

It's more common than you'd think. Customers are slippery, and get bored easily. That's why you should advertise using links that immediately place a call to your business from the customer's phone.

2. Turn On Your Targeting Computer

It might feel like a no-brainer to target as many people as possible, but sometimes a wide net just means more holes for fish to slip through. Advertise smarter by making aggressive use of social media sites' capacities to target users by interest, gender, income, and much more.

3. Use Social Media Ads to Build Communities

The reason people spend hours on social media and send half a billion tweets a day is down to one thing: community. If your ads aren't leveraging social media's primary superpower: creating communities, then your ads aren't maximizing their potential.

Try using hashtags that your brand's followers can deploy to build up a bit of camaraderie around your campaigns!

4. Create a Coherent Experience

Here's an easy one: make ads that look like your website. Nothing is more jarring to customers than clicking an ad and being dropped at a site that seems to have nothing to do with it. By using a cohesive aesthetic, your customers will feel like they haven't even left the website they were on.

5. Use Remarketing!

Did we ever tell you about the one that got away? Well, make sure we don't have to by remarketing towards customers who have already visited your site. Loyalty isn't a one-and-done thing, it has to be constantly reinforced!

By working with partners who specialize in intelligent remarketing, you can keep customers coming back again and again.

Finding Customers and Keeping Them

So there you have it, our top tips for smarter advertising with social media ads. If you plan ahead and incorporate our advice, you'll be reaching new customers in no time.

Not bad, right?

Piqued your interest? Check out our services to learn more about what social media for businesses can do!

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